Episode #89: The Evolution of Streaming

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The music industry has recently seen its largest sales increase since the days of Napster. Streaming, while still in its infancy has shown that making a fraction of a penny from a lot of listeners could be a long term sustainable model for many. But just as we began to get comfortable, Pandora started a premium streaming service, YouTube is still running the show and Spotify is having to sign new deals (like allowing new releases to be “windowed”). Is this Napster 2.0? Are we going to push music fans back to piracy by handicapping these services? Is streaming going to sustain the industry and the artists that keep them all employed? We discuss in this final panel from Motorco Music Hall in Durham, NC.


Alex Maiolo (Journalist)
Jason Taylor (Redeye Distribution)
Martin Anderson (Middle West Management)
Rich Dejong (SoundExchange)
Shane Nolan (Shawn Nolan Law)
Wilson Fuller (Merge Records)

Kinski “Riff DAD”
Marnie Stern “Noonan”
Delta 5 “Mind Your Own Business”


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