Episode #86: Local Music Spotlight: The Triangle

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In the early 90’s, Chapel Hill was dubbed “the next Seattle” after producing acts that got noticed beyond its state lines. Twenty-five years later, a lot has changed in the local and national music landscape but the core ingredients that comprise any music scene remain the same: venues, record stores, press, and radio. While in North Carolina, Portia spoke with local mainstays Chaz Martenstein (Bull City Records), Mark Connor (Cave/Slims), Allison Hussey (Indy Week), Sarah Schmader (Burn Sweet Booking), Aaron VanSteinberg (WXDU), and Stephen Mooneyhan (Local 506). Whether you’re just starting to perform or are a seasoned veteran, there are key players in your city’s music scene who can potentially give your career a big boost!


Chaz Martenstein (Bull City Records)
Mark Connor (Cave/Slims)
Allison Hussey (Indy Week)
Sarah Schmader (Burn Sweet Booking)
Aaron VanSteinberg (WXDU)
Stephen Mooneyhan (Local 506)

Jeff Hanson “Losing A Year”
The Decemberists “Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect”
The Gossip “(Take Back) The Revolution”
Delta 5 “Mind Your Own Business”


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