Episode #84: Best Practices In Music Marketing

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Making great music is only one part of the equation; equally important is making sure you reach an audience and cultivate them as fans. As more and more musicians release their own music, the onus is on the musician to also navigate the marketing process. Almost every musician has access to the same marketing resources… and knowing your options and utilizing them effectively can make the difference between making music your hobby or making music your career. And what does a successful career in music look like by today’s standards and by what metrics is this success measured? On this episode, Portia travels to Durham, NC for a live panel with Molly Neuman (Kickstarter Music), Simon Perry (ReverbNation), Hank Stockard (Redeye Distribution), Rich Dejong (Sound Exchange), Carrie Colliton (Record Store Day), and Brian Burns (WUNC).


Molly Neuman (Kickstarter Music)
Simon Perry (ReverbNation)
Hank Stockard (Redeye Distribution)
Rich Dejong (Sound Exchange)
Carrie Colliton (Record Store Day)
Brian Burns (WUNC)

New Dog “Hospital Nights”
Milagres “Perenial Bulb”
Boats “Animated GIFS”
Delta 5 “Mind Your Own Business”


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