Episode #83: When Should Indie Labels Look For Investors?

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Most indie label owners didn’t go to business school, and never thought they’d be getting interest from venture capitalists. What are the steps they can take to grow their business smartly using investment tools? This live discussion from A2IM’s Indie Week focuses on the fundamentals of investing – the basics, the intricacies, the best partnerships, and the pitfalls. When should you look for investors? What should you be aware of when an investor approaches you? Do you understand the difference between debt, and equity financing? We cover the importance of realistically valuing your catalog, how that impacts the investment itself, and what these deal structures look like. This panel will help your company prepare for growth, as you (prudently) consider partnerships, and allies to find the right fit at the right time. Panelists include Jason Peterson (GoDigital Media Group), Nari Matsuura (Massarsky Consulting), and Mathew Carvajal (JP Morgan).


Jason Peterson (GoDigital Media Group)
Nari Matsuura (Massarsky Consulting)
Mathew Carvajal (JP Morgan)

Elliott Smith “Coast To Coast”
Quasi “Repulsion”
Thao And Mirah “Eleven”
Delta 5 “Mind Your Own Business”


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