Episode #78: KPSU AMP Panel w/ KBOO, XRAY.FM, KPSU, Distiller Promo, Portland Radio Project

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People have been declaring the end of radio for years, yet stations continue to pop up and even thrive today. While many stations have been swept up by corporations, community and college low-power FM and internet stations still serve their communities. On this episode, we sit down with LPFM and college stations to discuss the role of community radio today, how college stations serve as a “pipeline for the music industry,” and how authenticity in media is more important than ever. Joining us are Zelos Marchandt (KBOO), Rebecca Webb (Portland Radio Project), Aaron Hall (XRAY FM), Laura Ragsdale (KFFP / Distiller Promo) and Jordan Rasmussen (KPSU).


Zelos Marchandt (KBOO)
Rebecca Webb (Portland Radio Project)
Aaron Hall (XRAY)
Laura Ragsdale (Distiller Promo / KFFP)
Jordan Rasmussen (KPSU)

Alicia BB “Best Friend Forever”
Colin Meloy “Lazy Little Ada”
Lauren Hoffman “Another Song About The Darkness”
Delta 5 “Mind Your Own Business”


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