Episode #74: Turned Away At The Border

On this week’s episode, The Future of What looks deeper at recent immigration issues surrounding SXSW and Trump’s travel ban with commentary provided by national and international musicians, attorneys, and other artist advocates. of international musicians’ group Tamizdat, and Kevin Erickson of artist advocacy organization the Future of Music Coalition, speak to the legal issues faced by bands like Soviet Soviet, while Cherine Amr of Massive Scar Era shares her own story of being turned away at the border. Baltimore musician Ami Dang rounds out the hour with her concerns around the rise in xenophobic attitudes and what net effect that has on culture.


Kevin Erickson (Future of Music Coalition)
Matthew Covey (Tamizdat)
Cherine Amr (Massive Scar Era)
Ami Dang (Musician)

Kinski “Riff DAD”
Numbers “Tax Dollar”
Erase Errata “New Life”
Ami Dang “Kissed By The Fire”
Delta 5 “Mind Your Own Business”


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