Episode #70: The Current State of Portland’s Music Industry

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Like many creative cities, Portland is growing rapidly, but is the vibrant music scene that bolstered its reputation benefiting? The city is known as one of the nation’s hottest music spots, so how can we make sure that its beloved music industry thrives as Portland changes? On this episode we delve into these questions and more with local industry leaders, Pat Rice (Old Town Music), Larry Crane (Tape Op Magazine, Jackpot Recording Studio), Terry Currier (Music Millennium), Sierra Haager (Public Display PR) and Andre Middleton (Friends of Noise).


Larry Crane (Tape Op, Jackpot! Recording Studio)
Terry Currier (Music Millenium)
Pat Rice (Old Town Music)
Sierra Haager (Public Display PR)
Andre Middleton (Friends of Noise)

Horse Feathers “Dead End Thanks”
Quasi “Nostalgia Kills”
The Corin Tucker Band “Joey”
Delta 5 “Mind Your Own Business”


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