Episode #7: Why Music Got Free

When talking about music’s devaluation over the past decade, its nearly impossible to avoid sites like Grooveshark as part of the discussion. Join us this week as we explore how music became free, as we talk to Aram Sinnreich and Stephen Witt about their new books that focus on piracy, bootleggers, and anti-copyright religions. Jim Mahoney and Ari Herstand also take part in the discussion, and talk about the ongoing game of whack-a-mole with the file sharing site, Grooveshark.


Jim Mahoney (Merlin)
Stephen Witt (Author, “How Music Got Free”)
Aram Sinnreich (Author, “The Piracy Crusade”)
Ari Herstand (Digital Music News)
James Reling (Kill Rock Stars)


Hands “Videolove
Milagres “The Letterbomb
Lung Leg “Punk Pop Travesty
Delta 5 “Mind Your Own Business


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