Episode #69: Alternative Paths To Music Careers

When people talk about “making it” in the music industry, it’s usually in reference to making a living writing or playing original songs in a popular band or as a solo artist. Today we explore alternative career paths playing music. We’re joined by Phil Hernandez and Chris Maxwell, who make up production duo The Elegant Too. They’re also the composers of some of your favorite musical moments on Bob’s Burgers. We also talk with successful children’s (or “kiddie” rock) band, The Not-Its. Finally, we hear about an underrated route to success from cover artist Chris Huff.


Chris Huff (Musician)
Sarah Shannon (The Not-Its)
Danny Adamson (The Not-Its)
Phil Hernandez (The Elegant Too)
Chris Maxwell (The Elegant Too)

Chris Huff “Hey Now Now”
The Not-Its “Dance With Me”
Elliott Smith “Pictures of Me (Live)”
Delta 5 “Mind Your Own Business”


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