Episode #58: The Uneasy Marriage of Music and Technology

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Without technological development, the music industry would be in a very different place. From the modulated grooves of analog records to the first iPod, innovation has permanently shaped the music business, but it’s not always an easy process. In recent years, technology seems to be advancing faster and faster, with more companies popping up than ever, many of which are focused on music. Are these apps and startups, who aim to be artist-centric, actually helping creators? We ask user researcher and trade journalist Kyle Bylin and music tech launch and growth strategist Patti Silverman. We also talk to startup founders Bruce Pavitt and Adam Farish (8Stem) and Taishi Fukuyama (Qrates).


Kyle Bylin (Researcher / Journalist)
Patti Silverman (SF Music Tech)
Bruce Pavitt (8Stem)
Adam Farish (8Stem)
Taishi Fukuyama (Qrates)


Death Vessel “Dancers All”
Essie Jain “Why”
Jeff Hanson “Daylight”
Delta 5 “Mind Your Own Business”


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