Episode #56: Media Relations 101

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A band has recorded some music — they’ve even set a date for their album release — but how do they get people to listen to it? Making press contacts and getting the right information to the right people can be difficult when you’re not a public relations expert. We’re joined by PR pros Sierra Haager (Public Display PR, bed.) and Chris Hnat (Grandstand Media & Management) who break down media relations do’s and don’t’s for artists. We also get advice from the editorial side with Chris Young (Vortex Music Magazine) and Casey Jarman (Mississippi Studios, fmr. Willamette Week).


Sierra Haager (Public Display PR)
Chris Hnat (Grandstand Media & Management)
Chris Young (Vortex Music Magazine)
Casey Jarman (Mississippi Studios, Willamette Week)

Kinski “Drink Up And Be Somebody”
Hands “Elegant Road”
The Corin Tucker Band “Groundhog Day”
Delta 5 “Mind Your Own Business”


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