Episode #53: The Double-Edged Sword of Data Mining

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The idea of large companies collecting information about you for free feels shady, especially when they use that data for profit. Most big tech businesses collect personal information in some fashion, including your favorite streaming services. On one hand, it helps them tailor your playlists and lets artists know who’s listening to them. On the other, data mining can invade listeners’ privacy for profit. On this episode we talk to the founder of a new streaming service called Resonate. Peter Harris hopes that his alternative model will benefit artists — and protect consumers’ privacy. We also welcome musician, music business consultant and activist Kiran Gandhi back to the show to demonstrate how artists can benefit from data-driven insights. A2IM CEO Richard Burgess then goes into detail about his recent Op-Ed, “OPIP: Yeah, You Know, Free”.


Peter Harris (Resonate)
Kiran Gandhi (Musician, Activist)
Richard Burgess (A2IM)

Red Cabin “Willow Tree”
Xiu Xiu “Boy Soprano”
Delta 5 “Mind Your Own Business”


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