Episode #54: God Bless The Blake Babies

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In 1986, iconic alt-rock band Blake Babies was born at Berklee School of Music. John Strohm, Freda Love and Juliana Hatfield released a few albums and toured before breaking up in 1991, but their work impacted both the Boston and national alternative music scene. Despite their short run, Blake Babies helped define what we think of today as an independent band. On the heels of their reunion, we welcome John, Freda and Juliana on the show to talk about their enduring legacy and future plans.


John Strohm (Blake Babies)
Freda Love (Blake Babies)
Julianna Hatfield (Blake Babies)

Blake Babies “Waiting For Heaven”
Blake Babies “On”
Blake Babies “Nothing Ever Happens”
Delta 5 “Mind Your Own Business”


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