Episode #5: Scenes

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In this episode, Portia discusses the changing nature of scenes with Jon Fine (the author of “Your Band Sucks”), Marnie Stern (8G Band), and Claudia Meza (Explode Into Colors). In the age of the internet, are local, geographically specific music scenes important to artists success anymore? Tune in and find out what these folks have to say on the subject!

Jon Fine (Bitch Magnet / Author of “Your Band Sucks”)
Marnie Stern (Marnie Stern / 8G Band)
Claudia Meza (Explode Into Colors)

Bitch Magnet “Joyless Street
Marnie Stern “Year of the Glad
Explode Into Colors “Eyes, Hands, Mouth
Delta 5 “Mind Your Own Business


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