Episode #40: Rethinking Music Consumption

In 2016, the way people are consuming music is changing, but it might not be how you’d expect. Between ad-based and on-demand streaming, digital downloads, vinyl, and yes, CDs and cassettes, there’s huge diversity in the way consumers are accessing music. We talk with three experts, Russ Crupnick (MusicWatch Inc.), Jim Lidestri (BuzzAngle) and Tom Silverman (Tommy Boy Entertainment), to make sense of recent statistics, and to better understand how they affect the music industry’s future.


Russ Crupnick (MusicWatch Inc.)
Jim Lidestri (BuzzAngle)
Tom Silverman (Tommy Boy Entertainment)

Marnie Stern “Nothing is Easy”
Boats “Great Skulls”
Explode Into Colors “Eyes Hands Mouth”
Delta 5 “Mind Your Own Business”


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