Episode #37: Tape Op’s 20th Anniversary

When recording engineer Larry Crane started Tape Op Magazine in 1996, he printed the first issue on legal paper and Xeroxed 500 copies to send to his friends. Branded as “the creative music recording magazine,” that first issue set Tape Op up to be one of the best resources for new and established engineers, gaining a readership of over 60,000. On this episode of The Future of What, we celebrate Tape Op’s 20th anniversary with an extended interview with Crane. We talk about what it takes to sustain an independent (free!) publication, adapting to new technology in recording, and why he has continued to distribute print issues. We also talk to longtime Tape Op admirers and notable producers Tucker Martine, Tyler Stone, and Dave Gross.


Larry Crane (Tape Op / Jackpot! Studios)
Tucker Martine (Flora Recording and Playback)
Dave Gross (Helldog Music)
Tyler Stone (Sutro)

Corin Tucker Band “1000 Years”
The Thermals “Never Listen To Me”
Witchypoo “Olympia Must Die”
Delta 5 “Mind Your Own Business”


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