Episode #35: Music 101 (Pt. 4) – Life as a Career Musician

Every kid dreams of being a rock star, but what does the job actually take? While touring can be fun, the realities of life on the road can be difficult to sustain. How do working artists balance their careers with day to day life? We talk with Rafael Cohen of !!! about creating stability as a “middle-class” musician. Then, Taraka Larson of Prince Rama walks us through the duo’s touring schedule and unconventional recording process. Portugal. The Man’s Zach Carothers shares what he’s learned over the last fifteen years of working in the band, including a few tour bus cooking tips.


Rafael Cohen (!!!)
Taraka Larson (Prince Rama)
Zach Carothers (Portugal. The Man)

!!! “Ooo”
Prince Rama “Bahia”
Portugal. The Man “Evil Friends”
Delta 5 “Mind Your Own Business”


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