Episode #26: Music Industry 101 (Part 1)

You’ve written and recorded a song, now you want people to listen to it. What’s next? We start off the year with our first Music 101 episode, where we talk about the songwriting, publishing and master rights related to self-releasing music. ASCAP’s Marc Emert-Hutner helps us decipher some of the acronyms every musician should know in order to understand their rights. Then, Kevin Breuner of CD Baby returns to the show to talk about how to distribute music yourself. SoundExchange’s Michael Darpino wraps up by telling us how musicians can collect royalties.


Marc Emert-Hutner (ASCAP)
Kevin Breuner (CD Baby)
Michael Darpino (Soundexchange)

Laura Veirs “Cast A Hook In Me”
Owen McCarthy “Stargazers Are Blind”
Thao Nguyen “Fast Asleep”
Delta 5 “Mind Your Own Business”


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