Episode #22: The Future of Indies

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In this episode, Portia moderates a SF Music Tech panel entitled “The Future of Indies,” that was chock full of laughs and indie stalwarts of the past, present and future. Her panelists included: Molly Neuman (A2IM, Lookout! Records, Bratmobile), Bruce Pavitt (Sub Pop, 8Stem), Amy Dietz (INgrooves), Christiane Kinney (LeClairRyan), and Kevin Breuner (CD Baby). The panel discussed their individual introductions to music and the music industry, and provided advice to both musicians and tech entrepreneurs from their unique vantage points inside the industry.


Molly Neuman (Lookout! Records, Bratmobile)
Bruce Pavitt (Sub Pop, 8Stem)
Christiane Kinney (LeClairRyan)
Kevin Breuner (CD Baby)
Amy Dietz (INgrooves)

Bratmobile “Cherry Bomb”
Delta 5 “Mind Your Own Business”


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