Episode #20: Man vs. Machine

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On the front page of Pandora’s website, there’s a statement that says “It’s a new kind of radio — stations that play only music you like.” How can it be that Pandora knows what you’ll enjoy? Isn’t liking music purely up to personal taste? Pandora, like many other digital music platforms, uses a complex algorithm to predict what their listeners want to hear. Other services employ human beings to curate their music discovery systems. So who’s the more effective tastemaker? Man, or machine? On today’s episode we tackle this question with writer and consultant Jim McDermott, then talk to two people who get paid to listen to music all day: New Music Scout and Artist Relations Manager for Marmoset Brandon Day and Rumblefish’s Senior Music Supervisor William Nix.


Jim McDermott (Author/Consultant)
Brandon Day (Marmoset)
William Nix (Rumblefish)

Mika Miko “Business Cats”
Thao & Mirah “Rubies And Rocks”
Macromantics “Scorch”
Delta 5 “Mind Your Own Business”


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