Episode #2: Sync Licensing

Episode #2 of the Future of What focuses on sync licensing, which is the process by which music is sync’d to picture, as is the case in advertising, movie trailers, etc. Justin Ringle of the band Horse Feathers sits in the studio with Portia this time around, and they talk about his recent tour(s) and the series of sync/placements that he had with the California Dairy Board. Rounding out the hour, Portia speaks with Matt FX about what its like to secure music for an of-the-moment show like “Broad City”, and Carianne Marshall (of SONGS Music Publishing) explains the importance of sync licenses to an artists’ career. Sohrab Nafici (Director, Music/legal at Warner Bros.) caps the episode off with his insight into the historical and current trends within the sync business.

Justin Ringle (Horse Feathers)
Matt FX (Music Supervisor, Broad City)
Sohrab Nafici (Head of Music/Legal, Universal)
Carianne Marshall (SONGS Music Publishing)

Horse Feathers “A Heart Arcane
Deerhoof “Blue Cash
Dos “Dream of San Pedro
Delta 5 “Mind Your Own Business


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