Episode #180: Indie Label Spotlight : Ninja Tune

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Matt Black and Jonathan Fine first joined forces in the late 1980’s, after a chance encounter at a local record shop. Now, some thirty-odd years later, the two are still working together in multiple capacities, and show no signs of stopping. They’ve released multiple albums as the electronic duo Coldcut, and helped produce several others, in addition to founding the highly regarded UK electronic label Ninja Tune, which is now in its thirtieth year of existence. In the recent past, they’ve also turned their attention to making musical software, like the Ninja Jamm app, that allows both novice and pros alike to remix and create music on the go with their smart device. Join us this week as we speak with both Matt and Jon about their history as a band and their philosophy as label owners and app developers.


Matt Black (Ninja Tune, Coldcut)
Jon More (Ninja Tune, Coldcut)

The Decemberists “Los Angeles, I’m Yours”
Deerhoof “+81”
Kinski “We Think She’s A Nurse”
Delta 5 “Mind Your Own Business”
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