Episode #164 : The Future of Artist Management

Like every other role in the music industry, the face of management is changing to meet the current needs of artists. With fewer and fewer labels investing in artist development, the work of building a team up around an artist has started to land more and more on the shoulders of managers. In our exploration of this topic, we speak with Brian Dubb of Centralized.me, who has developed a web based “virtual management” application that helps developing artists manage themselves, as well as Adina Friedman who works for the management company, “Friends At Work.”


Brian Dubb (Centralized)
Adina Friedman (Friends At Work)


Two Ton Boa “Porcelain Throne”
Jeff Hanson “Hiding Behind The Moon”
Horse Feathers “Belly of June”
Delta 5 “Mind Your Own Business”
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