Episode #163 : Merlin Works Magic For Indies

For the last eleven years, Merlin has been championing the independent music community in a variety of ways. During that time the organization has put over two billion dollars into the pockets of indie labels and distributors, through its negotiated deals with DSP’s like Spotify, et. al., and the organization is only continuing to grow its reach internationally. On this episode, we talk to Charles Caldas, the man at the helm of Merlin for the past eleven years, along with Jorge Brea of Symphonic Distribution and Katie Alberts of Reach Records, who both use Merlin’s services for their businesses to great advantage.


Charles Caldas (Merlin)
Jorge Brea (Symphonic Distribution)
Katie Alberts (Reach Records)

DIE NO FIGHT “The Deflowering of Penny”
Bratmobile “Cool Schmool”
Horse Feathers “Thistled Spring”
Delta 5 “Mind Your Own Business”
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