Episode #159 : House Shows & Non-Traditional Venues

With more and more venues shutting down due to rising costs in metropolitan areas, some musicians are looking towards non-traditional venues, and people’s homes, as a means to an end. On this episode, we talk with the founder of the Undiscovered Music Network, a service that pairs musicians with willing home concert hosts, and Amber Sweeney, a singer/songwriter who’s recently done several house shows as part of her tour route. Rounding out the episode, we talk about the non-traditional venue host, So Far, with writer Emma Silvers, who wrote an exposé on the business’s rather unscrupulous practices for KQED.


Paul Price (Undiscovered Music Network)
Amber Sweeney (Musician)
Emma Silvers (Writer)

Jeff Hanson “Hiding Behind The Moon”
Amber Sweeney “Restless”
Delta 5 “Mind Your Own Business”
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