Episode #157 : Indie Label Spotlight: Herø Records

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Given the success of films that have been adapted from comic books and graphic novels, it makes sense that other industries would start adopting them, too, and Herø Records is doing just that. Blending the worlds of music and graphic art into a transmedia experience, Herø Records, has released several singles, EPs and more that are all tied to comics in some shape or fashion. On this episode, we speak with the CEO (Matt Medney) and Creative Director (Pete Russo) of Herø Records about their vision, and Herø Records artist, Skela.

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Matt Medney (Herø Records)
Pete Russo (Herø Records)
Skela (Musician, Herø Records)

DNNY “X’s & O’s”
Skela “Heartbreak & Liquor”
Fare “Had Enough”
Delta 5 “Mind Your Own Business”
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