Episode #155 : Manage Your Music With DISCO

Record labels, music supervisors, management companies, et. al. deal with high volumes of music submissions on a daily basis, and until recently, managing those files (and their requisite metadata) hasn’t been easy. Enter DISCO, a cloud based storage solution for music professionals, that combines the best parts of iTunes, Soundcloud, Dropbox and MailChimp all in one easy to use browser based application. On this episode, we talk to Karl Richter of Level Two Music about the development of DISCO, and then we speak with music supervisor Whitney Pilzer and Pete Beck of Believe Music about how the platform has transformed their day to day business operations.

This episode is sponsored by DISCO!
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Karl Richter (Level Two Music, DISCO)
Whitney Pilzer (Music Supervisor)
Pete Beck (Believe)

Filthy Friends “Only Lovers Are Broken”
Filthy Friends “Break Me”
Filthy Friends “Last Chance County”
Delta 5 “Mind Your Own Business”
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