Episode #154 : Article 13’s Potential Impact On The Music Industry

While little attention was given by the U.S. population at large, the creative class, and musicians in particular, paid close attention to the wars waged over the EU’s new copyright directive, known colloquially as Article 13. Although is has yet to be ratified, and passed into law by its member states, Article 13 has the potential to close the “safe harbor” loophole for UGC giants like YouTube, Soundcloud, etc., which would make them wholly responsible, and liable, for all previously copyrighted material published on their platforms. Since these changes to EU law will affect the way these global brands do business, there’s a good chance that changes in the European market will trickle out across the world, to the benefit of musicians and creators everywhere.

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Helen Smith (Impala)
Crispin Hunt (Ivors Academy, Songwriter)
Chris Castle (Attorney)

Filthy Friends “Only Lovers Are Broken”
Filthy Friends “Break Me”
Filthy Friends “Last Chance County”
Delta 5 “Mind Your Own Business”
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