Episode #14: Crashing The Gates

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In this episode, we speak with three different musical gatekeepers about what gets them to lower their guard long enough to allow a band safe passage to the next level in their career. Joining us for the discussion is the founder of Kill Rock Stars, Slim Moon, Ken Cheppaikode of Dirtnap Records and Green Noise record shop, and Theo Craig, a well respected booking agent in Portland. Slim tells us how he was won over by Elliott Smith, Ken Cheppaikode tells us how White Wires ended up on Dirtnap, Theo speaks to the beauty of La Luz, and Portia and Slim co-tell the story of how Thao Nguyen made her way onto Kill Rock Stars.


Slim Moon (Kill Rock Stars, 5RC, Shotclock Management)
Ken Cheppaikode (Dirtnap Records, Green Noise)
Theo Craig (PDX Pop Now!, Mascaras, X-Ray FM)

Red Cabin “Secret Stories
Elliott Smith “Last Call
White Wires “Up Late
La Luz “Call Me In The Day
Thao with the Get Down Stay Down “Bag of Hammers
Delta 5 “Mind Your Own Business


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