Episode #132 : Independent Together

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Artistic communities are integral to the livability and desirability of many cities, but are often left without defense against these cities’ rapid growth. Uniting the artists, venues, labels, and manufacturers that make up a city’s music industry on their own terms is vital to its survival. MusicPortland is a new advocacy group for those who make up Portland’s vast music ecosystem. Members of the group’s board join us to discuss their philosophy, goals, and progress. If you want to ensure the health of your industry, check out their work and look for advocacy groups in your city. If you’re a Portlander, help MusicPortland gather the data they need to work on our behalf by visiting musicportland.org.


Meara McLaughlin (Music Portland)
Philip Graham (Ear Trumpet Labs)
Chris Young (Vortex Magazine)
Jason Fellman (J-Fell Presents)

Horse Feathers “Without Applause”
Lithics “Excuse Generator”
Wimps “Giant Brain”
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