Episode #129 : Using Music in Podcasts… the Right Way!

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Despite being over a decade old, podcasting is still a new frontier for music licensing. As podcasts gain millions of listeners and big budgets, it’s more important than ever for artists to understand their rights when approached about music use. Entertainment and podcast lawyer Lindsay Bowen gives us a rundown of how podcasts *should* go about using music and how artists can protect themselves. Jacob Webb, licensing and podcast coordinator at KEXP explains how they handle music use and navigate the intersection between streaming songs and radio play. We also hear advice from Jonathan Menjivar, senior producer at Pineapple Street Media (former producer at This American Life).


Lindsay Bowen (Attorney)
Jacob Webb (KEXP)
Jonathan Menjivar (Pineapple Street Media / This American Life)

Wimps “Insomnia”
Horse Feathers “Without Applause”
Lithics “Glass of Water”
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