Episode #127 : How The Game Is Played (Live In Portland)

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On June 30th, we hosted a live panel in Portland with DJ Klyph. Panelists included local hip hop veterans Vursatyl and DJ OG ONE, along with promising newcomers Rasheed Jamal, Mic Capes, and Karma Rivera. The panel covered everything from all ages venues to networking and offers insight that transcends geography and genre.


DJ OG ONE (Portland Trailblazers)
Vursatyl (Lifesavas)
DJ Klyph (Mic Check / Welcome To The Neighborhood)
Mic Capes (Musician)
Rasheed Jamal (Musician)
Karma Rivera (Musician)

Mic Capes “Well Known”
Rasheed Jamal “Dear Past”
Karma Rivera “Feel Good”
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