Episode #118 : The Truth Behind the Supposed Decline of the Guitar

Last year, outlets like the Washington Post lamented the decline of the electric guitar and the supposed absence of American guitar heroes. In September of 2017, She Shreds Magazine published an article called “We Are The 50%: The Truth Behind the Supposed Decline of the Guitar,” pushing back against this narrative. On this episode, we talk with the author of the piece, Natalie Baker, She Shreds Magazine editor-in-chief Fabi Reyna, Alicia Bognanno (Bully), and Trade Up Music manager Alexa Marmon about what’s really going on in the guitar industry.


Natalie Baker (Author)
Fabi Reyna (She Shreds)
Alicia Bognanno (Bully)
Alexa Marmon (Trade Up Music)

Witchypoo “Reaper Song”
VV and Hotel “Restaurant Blouse”
The Advantage “Castlevania – Stage 3”
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