Episode #117 : Inclusivity In Recording

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“Where Are All the Female Producers?” “Why Aren’t There More Women Working in Audio?” Why don’t more women “step up” in music? These are just some of the questions that continue to baffle the mainstream music industry. Yet, there are (and have been) many talented women working in recording. On this episode, we talk to people working toward broader inclusion and accessibility in recording. Madeleine Campbell is the editor of the Women in Sound zine, which is “dedicated to women, queer, & trans* people in all areas of live & recorded sound.” Madeleine also runs Accessible Recording, a studio in Pittsburgh which offers sliding scale rates in an effort to stay affordable for those with no label support, free learning opportunities, and free childcare. Terri Winston, executive director of Women’s Audio Mission, also joins us to share the organization’s goals and accomplishments as the only professional recording studio in the world built and run by women. We also hear from Andrew Jones, a recording engineer in Denton, TX, whose studio, The Nest, caters to underrepresented emerging artists.


Madeleine Campbell (Accessible Recording, Women In Sound)
Terri Winston (Women’s Audio Mission)
Andrew Jones (The Nest)

Horse Feathers “Without Applause”
Lithics “Excuse Generator”
Owen McCarthy “Stargazers Are Blind”
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