Episode #112 : Mastering Social Media Panel

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Social media has become a vital tool for artists to connect with their fans, but knowing where to invest your time, energy, and even money can be difficult. After all, you probably didn’t become a musician to spend hours on Facebook figuring out which markets to advertise to. On this episode, we gather concrete tips for musicians to efficiently and effectively use social media, playlists, and newsletters. We’re joined by Daniel Bozyk, a Social Content & Marketing Specialist who runs Bozyk Digital Media, Tracey Gill Miller, Global Marketing Manager at CD Baby, and musician Gil Assayas of Glasys.


Daniel Bozyk (Bozyk Digital Media)
Tracey Gill Miller (CD Baby)
Gil Assayas (Glasys)

Filthy Friends “Any Kind of Crowd”
New Dog “Airport Lobby”
Kinski “Detroit Trickle Down”
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