Episode #103 : Portland’s Flourishing Hip Hop Scene and Beyond

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Portland, OR has been home to a unique hip hop and rap community for decades, with veteran artists like Vursatyl, Cool Nutz, and Libretto paving the way. Now, up and comers like Amine, Myke Bogan, The Last Artful, Dodgr, Mic Capes, Vinnie DeWayne, Wynne, and more are creating a new era. So what does it take to foster a healthy music scene no matter the genre or locale? We discuss with Portland’s DJ Klyph and Cool Nutz on this episode.


DJ Klyph (Welcome To The Neighborhood, Klyph Notes)
Cool Nutz (PoHop, Jus Family Records)

Wynne “An Open Letter To Donald Trump”
Vursatyl “Super (ft. Dion) (Vitamin D Remix)”
Theory Hazit “Watch Out”
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