Episode #10: Vinyl Comes Back Around

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At the height of the vinyl industry, over a billion units were being pressed per year in the United States. But, after the advent of the cassette and compact disc, vinyl production numbers dipped down into the hundreds of thousands. Now that vinyl “is back”, and production figures are back up in the millions, what does this mean for the music industry, exactly? For major labels, and their high-dollar re-issue box sets, its been a welcome source of “new” revenue, but for many of the independent labels, that kept the format alive throughout the downturn, this vinyl resurgence has resulted in longer wait times and lower quality product — at a time when demand for their product has never been higher.


Adam Gonsalves (Telegraph Mastering)
Amy Dragon (Telegraph Mastering)
Mark Rainey (TKO Records)
Michael Kurtz (Record Store Day)
Darius Van Arman (Secretly Canadian)

The Peechees “Well Worth Talking About
Deerhoof “Polly Bee
Essential Logic “Wonderful Offer
Delta 5 “Mind Your Own Business


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