Episode #1: New Revenue Streams

How are artists making money in the new economy? Some artists are fighting the corporations and winning: The Turtles and the pre-1972 copyright debate. What is SoundExchange and why does everyone love them? (Hint: They are not the Nigerian prince!) Why is there no performance royalty for commercial radio play and what are we going to do about it? Plus: featured record label Dualtone Records, home of The Lumineers and others!

Hutch Harris (The Thermals)
Mike Huppe (SoundExchange)
Daryl Friedman (The Recording Academy)
Emily Green (The Daily Journal)
Scott Robinson (Dualtone Records)

Deerhoof “The Perfect Me”
Two Ton Boa “Bleeding Heart”
Marnie Stern “Patterns of Diamond Ceiling”
Delta 5 “Mind Your Own Business”


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